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Normally prescribed dose of Levitra is 10mg tablet

Physicians prefer to prescribe medicines that are effective even under a small strength of its dose. One such drug is Levitra, the future treatment of erectile dysfunction of men. Vardenafil, under the trade name of Levitra, is a potential remedy of male impotence being slightly different in its chemical structure from other such medicine.

The basic functioning mechanism of the medicine is quite similar to that of others i.e. inhibition of cGMP degrading enzyme and dilation of penile blood vessels to cause the filling of corpus cavernosum of penis with blood rapidly to give it an erect posture.

Normally prescribed dose of Levitra is 10mg tablet, rounded and orange colored, a day to be taken an hour or less prior to sexual activity. Its effects could last four hours minimum and more. The medicine can also elicit spontaneous and sustainable erection even with strength of 2.5mg which is, in fact, the specialty of the drug. Being food insensitive, the medicine is also highly effective for those with a high blood sugar level.

Some of the side effects of the medicine include nausea, eye and back pain, rash and itching, increased heart rate, hearing loss and abnormally prolonged erection. Consult your doctor immediately if any of these or other side effects ensues for considerable time. Drugs containing nitrates that the patients might be taking as cardiac treatments should be avoided to be taken along Levitra to prevent fatal hypotension.

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