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Nasal steroid spray for nasal problems

Nasal steroid spray is prescribed for nasal allergies, nasal polyps, sinusitis, excessive mucus formation and nasal inflammation. When one hears the word steroid, one might think it to be dangerous to use. But nasal steroid sprays when used in low measures are not dangerous. On the other hand, the nasal steroid spray gives good results.

Nasal steroid sprays have an advantage over the other drugs as these sprays are delivered directly to the mucus membrane. This means that the medication acts faster than other medications.

Nasal steroid spray should only be used under a doctor’s guidance. Never buy nasal steroid spray over the counter. The doctor is the only person who knows what type of nasal steroid spray should be used. He can only guide you about the dosage and the frequency of the drug to be used. Normally, the nasal steroid spray takes about two weeks to cure the conditions. If this does not happen, it is better to discuss with the doctor about other options.

All steroids come with many side effects and nasal steroid spray is not an exception. The Nasal steroid spray may cause glaucoma and cataracts in persons who have a family history of these ailments. It has also been seen that nasal steroid sprays may affect a child’s growth. People using nasal steroid spray can also come across nosebleeds and nasal irritation.

Although nasal steroid spray is said to be safe for pregnant women, it is better to consult the doctor before using it. Breast-feeding women should also use Nasal steroid spray only after talking to the doctor.