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Effective antifungal antibiotic Diflucan

If you get a fungal or a yeast infection, your doctor may prescribe a course of Diflucan to help clear it up. This effective antifungal antibiotic can combat a fungal or a yeast infection on many parts of the body. It is also used by people with weak immune systems due to AIDS and cancer, or by patients who have had a bone marrow transplant.

A common fungal infection is jock itch. Fungi start growing in the genital area of a male because of the moist conditions. Women can also get the same fungal infection although obviously it is not called jock itch. Any area of the body that is warm and moist allows fungus to thrive. You can prevent this by keeping these areas clean and as dry as possible.

A yeast infection is very similar to a fungal infection. The yeast also thrives on moist areas of the body like the mouth, throat, esophagus, the bladder, or genitals. Babies often get oral thrush (another term for a yeast infection) which is characterized by white patches in their mouths. Other typical yeast infections occur in the vagina area of women.

Diflucan has proved to be a first-rate drug to clear up such infections. Your doctor can prescribe the medication as tablets or a liquid solution. In severe cases, the doctor may give you an injection to kick start the treatment.

Not only will the fungus start to die, but the horrible symptoms of these infections will be greatly relieved. Yeast and fungal infections cause severe itchiness, swelling and pain. If you get these symptoms, see a doctor because they should not be left untreated.

If your doctor puts you on a course of Diflucan, you must be sure to take heed of the dosing instructions. You must also take the full course because if you stop treatment too soon, the infection could re-surface.