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There’s no such thing as an anxiety disorder

You can’t avoid hearing people muttering about you. Sometimes, it seems like they want you to hear them bad-mouthing you. These are the kind folk who don’t believe anxiety disorders are real. They think you’re faking it. Probably, it starts with remarks along the lines you should “pull yourself together” or “snap out of it”, as if you can just turn the anxiety on and off like an electrical appliance. Then it turns uglier as they accuse you of running away from your responsibilities to others, your family and yourself. This prejudice is hard to fight. It’s not like you broke you arm and have it in plaster. People can’t see your emotional control is broken. The only thing you can do is to turn to a reliable and trusted drug. When you buy xanax online, you’re getting the best. Within a day or two, you feel calm again.
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MOA makes bacteria MIA

Medics divide antibiotics in seven different classes. The class derived from erythromycin, including zithromax, is called the macrolides and they are used to treat a fairly wide range of infections caused by a specific group of bacteria. Their Mode of Action (MOA) is mainly as a bacteriostatic. That means they interfere with the way in which the bacteria manufacture the proteins they need to survive. The result is they stop growing and cannot reproduce.

But, if the dosage is high, the effect becomes bactericidal, i.e. the antibiotic actually kills the pesky bacteria dead. No more hanging around for them to fade away. Warning! This news should not tempt you to take a really high dose of zithromax every time you fall sick. The first issue is for your healthcare provider to confirm your sickness is being caused by a bacterium that will be killed by zithromax. Here’s the bad news. There are several thousand different types of bacteria and only a few of them are killed by zithromax. So, if you take this really powerful drug, it might have absolutely no effect because the cause of your problem is a different bacterium or, worse, you caught a virus. But taking this antibiotic does have an effect.
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Израиль стал полигоном для испытания электромобилей

Компании Nissan и Renault объявили, что к 2010 году планируют совместно создать автомобиль, который будет ездить на электрической тяге.
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Родился концепт, сделавший Ferrari F430 устаревшим

В Интернете накануне были опубликованы первые изображения концепта следующего поколения суперкара Ferrari F430.
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Porsche опровергает слухи о строительстве завода

Два дня назад в средствах массовой информации появилась новость, согласно которой компания Volkswagen намерена построить в США к 2010 году завод для сборки моделей Porsche Cayenne SUV, но сегодня эту информацию опровергло руководство Porsche.
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Jaguar XF получил премию “Автомобиль Года”

Jaguar XF получил награду "Дизайн года", присуждаемую редакторским составом журнала Fleet World.
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Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia: вперед – в прошлое

Итальянская компания Alfa Romeo объявила о выпуске особой версии модели Spider, которая в честь знаменитой гонки получила название Mille Miglia. Специальная партия модели Spider Mille Miglia посвящена победам Alfa Romeo, достигнутым в престижном автопробеге в период с 1928 по 1947 года.
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