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Accutane is a medicine that is prescribed for acne

Accutane is a medicine that is prescribed for acne. Doctors also prescribe this drug for the acnes that have not been cured by other medications.

Accutane can be taken with food. But make sure that you only swallow the drug as it has to be only slowly released inside the body. Never break, chew or crush Accutane before using.

Once you have been prescribed Accutane, make sure to follow the doctor’s advice. Never think of deviating from your prescriptions as it can create health problems. Well, good results can only be expected if the complete dose is taken and also at the right time.

Accutane has to be taken only if it has been prescribed. When contacting the doctor for your acne, be sure that you tell him about all your health conditions. Inform the physician if you have any problems of the heart or liver, high cholesterol and triglycerides levels, osteoporosis, depression and diabetes.

Accutane is harmful to the newborn and the unborn babes. Well, the doctors will only prescribe Accutane if you test negative in pregnancy testing.

As Accutane can interact with other drugs, you have to inform the doctor about all the prescriptive and non prescriptive drugs that you are using. As the drug is senstive to snlght, bnever go out without applying sunsrean lotions. You should also not drive in the night after using Accutane as the drug is known to cause vision problems.

Well, be cautious of the side effects that come with Accutane. Depression, behavioral changes, hallucinations, sleep problems, aggression, suicidal thoughts, numbness, blurred vision and hearing problems are some of the serious Accutane side effects.